Who we are

Solar Wholesale - About UsSolar Wholesale saw a need in providing cost effective ways to conserve and use renewable energy. We negotiated directly with the manufacturers which allows us to get the best pricing. We then pass the savings onto you by taking advantage of declining solar panel prices because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to go solar.

You will save money and lessen your environmental impact. When have we ever had the ability to produce our own electricity using the sun’s energy?

The moment you use the sun to power your home, office, laptop or phone, you will see why we are passionate about what we do.

Solar Wholesale - About Us - Off Grid Solar Kits


We have an in-house design team using state of the art software which allows us to optimize your home or business for you.


Because we buy directly from the manufacturer we can pass the savings on to you. Our complete installs start at $2.85 per watt!

Certified Installers

Because we demand the best customer experience, our installation partners have been in the electrical business for 56+ years and are fully licensed.

Quick Completion Time

Why wait 6 months or more for a completed install? Our average completion time is 30-45 days! Harness the power of the sun today.