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What Is EZ Solar Permit And Design

EZ Solar Permit and Design is a full service package for on-grid solar customers. Don’t let the stress of gathering the necessary permits and designing a proper solar array stop you from going solar. Let our in-house team of professionals handle it for you. Our EZ Permit and Design is only $500.00.

What Is Included In The EZ Solar Permit And Design

  • Solar Array Design

    Let our team of experts design the perfect solar array for your home using state of the art software. We will send you a breakdown on how much money you can save, how many solar panels you will need, and you can even see what your home or commercial property will look like with solar panels attached.

  • Engineering Letter

    Our EZ Permit includes a stamped Engineering Letter specific to your home and Solar layout

  • Shade Analysis and Sun Report

    Taking in to account your home or businesses unique layout, elevation, and location, we run a shade analysis and sun report so we can analyze and accurately forecast each panels average output. Optimizing your new solar array is a crucial and often skipped over process.

  • Permit Preparation

    We work with engineers and municipalities in every state so we can stay up-to-date on local permit requirements to ensure your permits are approved the first submission. Permitting is the hardest and most tedious part of going solar. Leave the headache to us, so you can focus on more important things. We handle everything, from placards, racking detail, data sheets, diagrams, site plan, note pages, and cover pages.

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