Solar Cost Breakdown

Why Does Solar Wholesale Cost less? Where does your money go?

Some of our competitors say we must be doing something wrong because we’re so inexpensive. We deal in bulk and we stock our own inventory. We fulfill and install for other solar companies so we keep our volume high. We don’t use a sales team that eat a lot of that cost up. We use the same great equipment other solar companies use and carry the same warranties.

No Salesmen – A salesman knocking on your door is likely to receive .30-.50 per watt for making the sale. It’s a tough job that no one wants to do but it’s not necessary to put Solar on your home. Then the managers need a cut of the sale! 

Solar Equipment – We use the same equipment and products that every solar company is using. There’s no cheap products leaving our warehouse. You can come to our showroom and see the equipment before it goes on your house. 

Swag/Culture – We don’t have a sales team so there’s no sweet shirts and hats. No freebie incentives to sell and no hoverboards

Cost of Solar – You shouldn’t be paying over $3.00 per watt! 

Financing – Financing your loan costs you an additional fee. Roughly .35 per watt goes toward a “Dealer Fee.” This is the fee the banks are taking to give you the loan and then make money off the interest rate. Lower Interest Rate = Higher Dealer Fee. 


Not all solar companies are bad. We have quite a lot of respect for a lot for the ones who are doing it right. 

You should be asking your salesman. “How Much am I paying per Watt.” 

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