RV Solar Kits

Solar Wholesale’s mission is to help fit your rig with an RV solar kit or marine solar kit. We have seen what other solar companies have to offer and a lot of them left us confused. We were once solar customers and we all felt the process needed to be simplified.

We have created what we think are the best kits for DIY customers. RV solar kits can be a little overwhelming and electricity is something a lot of us never deal with on a day to day basis. We designed our RV and Marine kits in such a way to not overwhelm you and to just get you started on saving money and producing your own electricity. By simplifying the process we think everyone can begin to feel like going solar is a great experience and in some cases actually empowering. Let’s start slow and we’ll all get there. The sun isn’t going anywhere!

Give us a call or email us if you have questions or need help with your order.

RV / Marine Solar Kits

ModelBrandWattsPanel TypeMore InfoPricePurchase

Monocrystalline RV Solar Panels

ModelBrandWattsPanel TypePrice Per WattMore InfoPrice Contact Us For More Information
SILFAB SLA-M310SILFAB310WMonocrystalline (black frame black cells, black back sheet)¢0.89More Info Solar Wholesale$276.00Contact Us
SolarTech UniversalSolarTech Universal300WMonocrystalline (black frame black cells, black back sheet)¢0.94More Info Solar Wholesale$282.00Contact Us
REC 285WREC285WMonocrystalline (black frame black cells)¢0.76More Info Solar Wholesale$216.00Contact Us
Solaria 335W PowerXTSolaria335WMonocrystalline (black frame black cells)¢0.98More Info Solar Wholesale$328.30Contact Us
Hanwha Qcell 295W-60HANWHA Qcell295WMonocrystalline (black frame black cells)¢0.85More Info $250.75Contact Us
Solar Wholesale SWS100M-36Solar Wholesale100WMonocrystalline (black frame black cells)$1.20More Info Solar Wholesale$100.00Contact Us

Polycrystalline RV Solar Panels

ModelBrandWattsPanel TypePrice Per WattMore InfoPrice Contact Us For More Information
Solar Wholesale SWS100P-36Solar Wholesale100WPolycrystalline (black frame, blue cells)$1.15More Info Solar Wholesale$115.00Contact Us

Portable RV Solar Panels

ModelBrandWattsPanel TypeMore InfoPricePurchase
Solar Wholesale SWS80MSolar Wholesale80WMonocrystalline (Silver frame, black cells) Folding Solar PanelMore Info Solar Wholesale$120.00More Info Solar Wholesale
Folding Solar Panel in Black or CamoSolar Wholesale100WMonocrystalline (Portable Folding Black Or Camo, black cells) More Info Solar Wholesale$399.00More Info Solar Wholesale

RV Solar Controllers

ModelBattery Bank Voltage (Volts DC)Max Current Output Per ControllerSize & WeightMore InfoPricePurchase