SMA Webconnect Speedwire:
  • Straightforward, plug-and-play commissioning
  • Other SMA devices are not required
  • Free online monitoring via Sunny Portal
  • Clear display of the most important plant data with Sunny Portal
  • Free Sunny Portal app for data visualization on smartphones

Webconnect is ideally suited for online monitoring of small pv plants with up to four inverters. It provides free access to sunny portal with existing Internet access and a Dsl router, without an additional data logger.

Webconnect commissioning is plug and play after the simple installation of the inverter interface, which is optionally available or integrated at the factory. once configured, key plant data can be accessed and displayed in a clear format whenever needed via sunny portal and automatic product updates ensure that the device firmware is always up to date.


SMA Webconnect Speedwire - Solar Wholesale SMA Webconnect Speedwire Data Sheet

SMA Webconnect Speedwire - Solar Wholesale SMA Install Manual



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