My high expectations for this project were met and exceeded.

Doug and his install team were fantastic. The arrays are exactly where they should be, no visible racking or conduits in the front. The install of the inverter and shut offs are inconspicuous and conveniently placed in the backyard. They cleaned up after themselves each day, and were a pleasure to have working on the house. Bring on the electrons! – Scott R.

Greetings Doug and Kerry
Thank you very much for all your help, guidance and support In
designing and delivering our solar system. The prompt service and
exceptional care exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure doing
business with you. Installation was easier than expected and
inspection was a breeze.
Wishing you much success in your business.
Sicerely Felix Rauscher

I highly recommend Solar Wholesale. We decided to do our own solar install on our home and they made the process easy and quick. We paid for the permitting package and from the time we initially contacted them to have an approved permit from our city was exactly 2 weeks. Additionally, they had delivered the equipment to our home by the 2 week mark. Exceptional customer service from Doug. He responded promptly to every question and request we had. – Don and Ann A

Solar Wholesale was definitely the right answer for me. Being able to source the equipment for my solar project from someone local who understood the challenges I might face was huge benefit. Doug and his team helped me choose the right panels, racking, and inverter for my needs. They even helped with local permitting, which by far was the most difficult part of the whole process. And even when I was up on a roof missing a few parts, they were quick to get the stuff i needed with just a simple phone call.

The process of DIY solar isn’t quick and easy, however Solar wholesale made it as simple as possible for me. I can’t recommend them enough. – Eddie G