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Here at Solar Wholesale it’s our goal to be your go-to for all things DIY solar. After all, DIY customers save $10,394 on average. That’s a lot of savings! Plus, some solar installation companies have wait lists that are months long. This delay prevents you from reaping savings as soon as possible.

Going solar doesn’t have to be expensive when you take on the project yourself. And it’s our belief that you don’t need to be a professional handyman or an electrician in order to get the job done.

That’s why our DIY kits come with everything you need, even including the zip ties. Those are the details that we pay attention to that other DIY solar companies simply can’t match. In addition, we hold in-person (when circumstances allow) and online DIY classes. These are the perfect setting to ask us any questions you might have about taking on a DIY solar project.

Not only do we regularly hold our DIY classes, we’ve recently begun to put up DIY videos on YouTube that you can watch anytime! These are a great place to start learning about solar installation. We’ll continue updating this post with any new DIY videos but be sure to follow us on YouTube so you can get updated right away when we upload new vids.

After you’ve watched our DIY videos, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have or to get a quote!

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