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There are many reasons to go solar. At the top of the list is to save money on your power bill but that’s not the only thing that makes solar panels valuable. Solar panels can also add to the value of your home!

In the last few years annual US solar installations have skyrocketed! As solar panels have become more and more common and popular they’ve added more value to homes.

In the past home appraisers were unsure how to value homes with solar panels. Now that they’re becoming a common fixture on the roofs of many homes their value has become much easier to gauge. The results are in and many studies now reveal what solar panels can do for home value.

In one study, “the researchers concluded that the average solar home price premium was about $3.78 per watt, which ended up about equal to the cost of the systems after incentives.”

Not only can solar panels help to increase the value of your home they can also help increase the saleability too. Zillow just released findings this year revealing that, “80% of home buyers say energy-efficient features are important.” Solar panels can definitely act as an extra attractor for home buyers potentially helping you to sell faster.

For more on what solar panels can do for the value of your home, check out this awesome infographic from Solar Power Rocks.

If you’re ready to go solar and reap all the benefits contact us today for a free quote. Remember, 2019 is the last year to take advantage of the 30% ITC tax credit, don’t miss out!

solar home value infographic

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