One of the amazing benefits of solar is that you can generate electricity anywhere there’s sun! That’s what make it such an amazing power source whether you’re on the grid or off it. Now you can take your solar anywhere you go with our new RV solar kits.

When you’re on-the-go sometimes you only need a little extra power and other times you want a lot. That’s why we’re offering 4 different kits to help you meet your RV solar power needs. We’ll even install it for you so you can rest assured knowing you can rely on your solar even in the wilderness. 

Our four new RV solar kits include 2 different sizes of battery kits and 2 different sizes of off-grid kits. 

Battery Charger Kits 

Designed to continually charge your batteries so that you don’t have to worry about going without power. Exactly what is needed to keep small loads covered.

  • 200w kit = $1,400
  • 400w kit = $1,800

Off-Grid Kits

You should be allowed to escape and live in comfort anywhere. These systems include an additional 400 amp hours worth of battery storage. It can also handle large loads such as your AC and microwave for a short amount of time. While the 800w kit is a great option we love the 1200w kit because it charges the batteries faster to keep them powered longer. 

  • 800w kit = $7,400
  • 1200w kit = $7,900

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