UTAH_SOLARFrom small towns in the tip of the mojave desert to cities nestled in the Wasatch mountains, Solar Power is Booming In Utah and homeowners are lining up for their chance to go green.

Not only does jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon give you a tax credit (30% federal), it also saves homeowners and businesses monthly. How can it save you monthly? Fossil fuel costs such as coal, will continue to rise 4% each year, with no foreseeable decrease in the future, and according to World Factbook, it’s projected that coal will be depleted by 2088, scary right?

The average homeowner will save over $1000 a year on electricity after installing solar panels. This includes the cost of the panels. The most common way to go solar is by financing the project, which means instead of paying the power company, you are paying less per month to produce your own energy. The best part is, after the solar panels are paid off, your power will be free!

Recently Utah News Source KSL, spoke with Kerry Zacher of Centerville, who recently had solar panels installed on his rooftop. “I got sick of paying high electric bills.” Mr. Zacher claims he saw immediate benefits. “September’s bill was roughly 150 dollars, October? Nine. Nine Dollars.”

Solar Power is Booming In Utah - Solar Wholesale
Photo Courtesy of KSL.com


Zacher even has the ability to monitor the energy produced from his rooftop solar panels with an app on his smartphone. Zacher does state that there are occasionally “bad days” when there isn’t enough sunshine to provide adequate energy for his power needs and has to rely on power from the grid. The flip side of that, on sunny days, he usually produces excess power that is traded back to the grid.

Obviously one would assume that southern Utah would be a better place for Solar Energy with a little over 6 good solar hours on average per day, but northern Utah produces about 5 1/2, which as Shaun Alldredge Sr., co-owner and co-founder of Legend Solar says “Yes, there’s absolutely enough sun in northern Utah…. it’s not that much different.”

Solar Power is Booming In Utah - Solar Wholesale
Photo Courtesy of KSL.com


With the increase in residents going solar, brings an increase in jobs as well. The solar industry in Utah claims, last year it has employed 2,700 people in Utah, according to Mark Knold, the senior economist for the Utah Department Of Workforce Services. This compared to the 1,250 employed by Utah coal mines.

Whether your decision to go green is financial, political, or environmental, it’s as good a time as any to take advantage of that power plant in the sky.

Source: www.ksl.com