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Adding solar panels to your home is a big deal and big project. One of the most important steps in this whole process is finding the right company to do the job. This is a large investment of time and money on your part and you want someone you know you can rely on. Here’s the top reasons why you should choose Solar Wholesale!

Wholesale Pricing

We sell our panels at wholesale pricing no matter who you are! In the solar industry prices for solar panels are seriously inflated because of expensive sales commissions, bonuses, and rewards. So we decided to cut all of that out to provide our customers solar panels at wholesale prices. We buy our panels directly from the manufacturer and instead of paying out massive commissions to a sales team we pass the savings onto you. This means massive savings that you won’t find anywhere else.

State-of-the-Art System Design

Whether you’re going the DIY route or in need of a full install you can take advantage of our state-of-the-art system design. Your solar array is only as good as the design. If you’re panels are facing the wrong way, on the wrong part of the roof or at the wrong angle you won’t get as much sunlight as you could. Without the right design to guide your installation you’re literally leaving money on the table. Here at Solar wholesale we use an in-house design team to create an optimized system for your home or business. We take everything into account to create a completely custom design.

Certified Installers or DIY Support

Whether you’re doing a full install or installing the whole system yourself we’re here to help. Most solar companies want nothing to do with DIY because they can’t make as much money and some think it’s too much of a hassle to deal with DIY customers. We think anyone can do DIY even if you have no prior experience. We’re so passionate about DIY that we have tutorials and even hold in-person classes to show you exactly how to get the job done. On the other hand we realize that not everyone wants to do DIY. We work with trusted certified installers that we know can get the job done. In fact our install time is shorter than the competition so you can start saving money on your electric bill even sooner.

Top Notch Customer Service

Finding the right solar company goes beyond just reliability. You also need a company you can trust and feel like they’re putting your needs and interests first. We’ve heard so many stories about homeowners who felt their solar provider deceived them or gave them misinformation.

We don’t want that for you. It’s these kinds of stories that inspired us to go into the solar industry because we believed that customers deserved a solar company that would tell them the truth about their concerns and really answer their questions.

At Solar Wholesale we don’t just expect you to take our word for it though, instead take a look at our customer reviews. We have an average 4.7 star rating on Google out of 47 reviews.

Here are a few customer reviews that highlight what we do best.

Andrew S.

Andrew S. solar array with Solar Wholesale

Found Solar Wholesale while comparing prices for a full install. Doug was very helpful in convincing me I could do it myself and save over ten thousand dollars! I was able to complete the rooftop install and I decided to hire Teddy for the electrical tie in to the meter, which was money well spent. Happy to report the install is complete and I now produce my own power and charge my car from the sun. Estimated payoff is 1 year instead of 12-20!!!!

Samuel D.

In talking with Solar Wholesale about making the move to solar I felt like all my questions were answered. It’s not very often that I write a review about a company but based on my experience I felt it was necessary. Doug, who is the CEO of Solar Wholesale took the time to make sure I understood all of the options that were available to me. He wanted to make sure it made financial sense for us to make the switch. Their laid back approach made me feel comfortable asking all of my questions. High pressure sales environments turn me off immediately and this was the complete opposite. It was informative, educational and comfortable. If you are considering switching to solar and want to make sure you understand the benefits, process, and financing options give Doug or Josh a call at Solar Wholesale.

Eran R.

Eran R Solar Array with solar wholesale

If you know what you want in a solar system, there is absolutely no better place to go. I must have dealt with at least seven other solar companies before choosing to purchase from Doug, and I can attest to Solar Wholesale​ being the easiest to work with, extremely fast to install, best price, and best options for that price. It’s not just a DIY shop – they did the install for us too. If you are not sure what type of system you want, Doug is both knowledgeable and not pushy in the slightest. I must have asked 1000s of questions before ultimately selecting my system and selecting Solar Wholesale, and he never hesitated to help me out. My system has been running for about 2 weeks now, and everything performs as it should. With one panel that has a shading issue, they continue to support me and help me get that panel working to it’s highest potential. Thank you, Doug!

Bruce R.

These guys were beyond great! They walked me through the entire process and made it so easy. From answering my questions about how solar works to the benefits of installing solar panels, they were very responsive and helpful. Doug and his staff helped arrange the financing and when the day came for the install they gave us plenty of notice as to when they would show up and they showed when they said they would. The install went great and they responded very quickly to resolve a glitch afterwards. I would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone! You can’t go wrong with them!

Damir O.

Damir O. Solar Array with Solar Wholesale

I spent over 6 months researching my solar options and contacted several local installers. Some were being dishonest others we telling me that it will take 3 months from the date of the agreement to get my solar system installed and running. I also couldn’t believe the difference in price between the installers for basically the same product.

At the end, I ended up getting my solar system from Solar Wholesale for two reasons. Doug was by far the friendliest and the least pushy sale rep out of the all sales reps I was in contact with. He is also very knowledgeable and honest. The second reason was price and installation time. Solar Wholesale had the lowest price and the shortest installation time. It only took 4 weeks for the day I signed the agreement to get permits, install the system and have Rocky Mountain Power change the meter for net metering.

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