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Making the move to solar power doesn’t have to be a costly decision. At SolarWholesale our goal is to help you go solar without leaving your pocket book empty. SolarWholesale offers full installs, but the majority of our customers are D.I.Y projects.

This D.I.Y project comes from Eddie Greenwood in West Jordan, Utah. Array Specs:

• Size: 7.41 kW • Inverter: SolarEdge SE7600 • Solar Modules: 285W Mono SolarWholesale • Racking: TRA

“Solar Wholesale was definitely the right answer for me. Being able to source the equipment for my solar project from someone local who understood the challenges I might face was huge benefit. Doug and his team helped me choose the right panels, racking, and inverter for my needs. They even helped with local permitting, which by far was the most difficult part of the whole process. And even when I was up on a roof missing a few parts, they were quick to get the stuff i needed with just a simple phone call.

The process of DIY solar isn’t quick and easy, however Solar wholesale made it as simple as possible for me. I can’t recommend them enough.”

solar snack n rack installhome with solar panels installedhome with solar panels installedtwo men installing solar panels on roof