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Mandalay-7Mandalay Bay Sets Solar Record as the largest rooftop array in the United States. When you think of the Las Vegas Strip, usually you think of casinos, flashing lights, hotels, and probably a larger than life, live show. Well, now you can throw in the nations largest solar array. That’s right, MGM Resort International announced on Wednesday that it’s 26,000 solar panel array, spanning 28 acres atop of Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

The Mandalay Bay Array, which was built by NRG Energy, was first unveiled in 2014 at an event that included U.S Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz. The second-phase expansion, which was announced on Wednesday, added approximately 5,000 additional solar panels.

“The expansion of our rooftop solar installation at Mandalay Bay significantly advances our resort’s commitment to being a leading sustainable destination for conferences and conventions,” Chuck Bowling, Mandalay Bay’s president and C.O.O announced to the media. “Utilizing energy produced from a renewable resource is a cornerstone of our comprehensive strategy of sustainable operations.”

Mandalay Bay Sets Solar Record - Solar Wholesale

This 8.3-megawatt behemoth of a rooftop solar array will produce enough electricity to power 1,340 homes for one year, and offset enough carbon to take more than 1,700 cars off the road.  According to Greenwich Media, which researches the renewable energy market, claims that the Mandalay Bay array is the largest in the nation.

“Companies like MGM Resorts are driving an evolution in America’s energy mix as they seek cleaner sources of power that provide more certainty over energy costs,” Craig Cornelius, a senior vice president at NRG Energy said. “The solar array atop Mandalay Bay is stunning in its scope and functionality, and we’re thrilled to have MGM as a partner.”

Mandalay Bay Sets Solar Record - Solar Wholesale

MGM Resort International have emerged as major players in debates over Nevada energy policies. MGM plans to pay about $87 million to leave NV Energy’s services in October in order to purchase power from an alternative provider. The MGM Resorts have also contributed $10,000 to the Energy Choice Initiative, a ballot measure to end Nevada Energy’s exclusive control over the power supply.