DIY Solar Instructional Videos

Learn how to install solar panels to your roof, and get started with your DIY Solar Energy.

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Get a complete breakdown of what you need and how to install your own solar panels. See how easy it is to go solar today. 

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DIY Installation Instructions

Complete Solar Kits For Your Home

See what comes in each of our DIY Solar Kits. Learn what you need for your particular system and how we can help. 

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Installing your own Solar Panels doesn’t have to be scary and over whelming. Don’t take our word for it. See what some of our customers have said about our kits, customer service, and how easy it was to install their DIY system.

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Real Customer Reviews

Installing Solar With The SnapNrack System

Using the SnapNrack rail system is the easiest way to add solar panels to your home. See how easy this rack system is to help you go solar today.

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The complete guide to DIY Solar DC Whips. Learn everything you need to know about DC Whips and find out what you need for your DIY system.

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Guide To Solar DC Whips

QS1 Connection & Cabling Information

Get information on QS1 inverter/PV module connection in different scenarios such as portrait vs. landscape, tandem use with YC600, use split cell/half-cut cell modules and when to use DC extension cables.

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