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As many of us receive our second stimulus check some are wondering what to do with the money and any future stimulus money that might be coming our way. If you’re fortunate enough not to need the cash right away you’re probably wondering do I save it, invest it or spend it?

It’s a big decision especially considering the year we just had but if you’re looking to make an investment we think solar is a good way to go.

Here are just a few of the reasons why…

Going Solar Can Help You Save Money

The pandemic has changed the way we live, work and go to school. Working from home will likely become much more common in the future due to the pandemic. More time spent at home also means using up more electricity. Solar panels can be the investment you need to offset these costs.

Solar panels are an investment that can help you save money now and for decades to come. One of the top reasons people go solar is because of the fact that they can literally save you thousands of dollars. Depending on whether you DIY and the price of the system as a whole, solar panels can pay for themselves in as little as five years.

When you consider the fact that solar panels are made to last at least 30 years that means that you could be getting free electricity for 25 years!

Going Solar Can Increase Property Value

Not only do solar panels help you save money on your electric bill it also adds value to your home. According to Energy Sage, “Studies have shown that a solar panel system can increase your home’s property value by an average of 3-4 percent, putting extra money in your pocket should you decide to sell your home.”

Solar is a way to literally invest value into your home while at the same time saving you money. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The same can’t be said for a kitchen renovation. In fact, “most states offer a solar property tax exemption so that you won’t end up paying more in property taxes after you install; the same doesn’t hold true for most other home improvement projects.”

Going Solar Can Help Support Local Jobs

Investing your stimulus check in solar not only helps you but it also helps your community. The pandemic caused thousands of people across the country to lose their jobs. The solar industry definitely felt this loss. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) found that 55 percent of solar workers have experienced layoffs or salary cutbacks due to the pandemic.  

By investing your stimulus check into solar you can help keep that money within your own community. As the saying goes a rising tide raises all ships and keeping your investment local can help do just that.

A bonus would be to invest your money in American made panels! Many solar panels are manufactured overseas but Next Energy Alliance panels are manufactured right here in the United States helping to support American families.

The Takeaway

Investing your stimulus money by going solar is a great way to benefit yourself now and in the future and help support your community. By going solar you’ll be saving money on your electric bill, increasing your property value and keeping stimulus money where it should be, right within your own community.

Here at Solar Wholesale we can help you go solar with the lowest prices around! Whether you want to DIY or need help with a full install we’ve got you covered.

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