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Happy new year and congratulations on making it through this turbulent year! As we celebrate this fresh start, we’re looking forward to all that 2021 has to offer. This year has been a busy one for the solar industry and 2021 is sure to be the same. 

There are several trends that we’re keeping an eye on and that we think you should know about too!

Solar Investment Tax Credit

One of the top trends that will be driving the solar industry this year will be the Solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC. This is the federal tax credit that has been around for several years allowing thousands of homeowners to go solar. 

While this has been a major advantage for consumers all good things must come to an end. Luckily the solar ITC has been extended two more years for homeowners. This year the tax credit is 26% of the price you pay to install your solar system. 

We anticipate that this will be a record year for solar installation as thousands of homeowners race to take advantage of this discount before it goes away for good in just a few short years. We encourage anyone considering solar to get started sooner rather than later to avoid missing out. 

Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage has been around for many years but reality wasn’t able to keep up with expectations. The technology simply wasn’t advanced enough to make it worth your while or your money. Plus many homeowners just didn’t have the need for backup power because their solar was grid-tied. 

Now though as solar battery technology continues to improve solar batteries are becoming more and more popular. This is true even for grid-tied solar systems. So why are solar batteries gaining more popularity?

Grid-tied solar can’t power a home during a blackout or power outage. Because your solar panels are tied to the power grid if the power grid gets turned off so do your panels. But if you have solar batteries your home can draw power from the energy stored there. 

This is especially appealing for disasters when you’re likely to need power the most. Solar customers in California are also discovering the need for batteries as utilities institute power shut offs to reduce the risk of wildfires. 

American made solar panels

One of the biggest lessons we all had to learn due to covid-19 was how supply chains impact us all. Due to delays caused by quarantines around the world as well as stockpiling there were many products that simply ran out (i.e. toilet paper). 

Many products that had supply problems were manufactured overseas and in China. This was a wake up call for many businesses and Americans to turn towards products made in the USA. 

Solar panels are one of those products that are typically manufactured overseas. However, at Solar Wholesale we’re proud to offer our customers solar panels manufactured right here in the United States! We have solar panels in stock and ready to ship out to you!

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