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Here at Solar Wholesale we pride ourselves on giving you the best customer service and price on the market! We’ve helped so many families go solar whether it’s DIY or a full installation. Our goal is to be there for you every step of the way giving you the support you need.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out some of our amazing customer reviews!

Scott’s Solar

Scott's Solar Solar Wholesale Review

“Solar Wholesale helped me throughout the whole process. They even let me design my own panel layout and took my input of the system as a whole in great consideration. Eric was a huge help! He answered all my questions and concerns, or directed me to the right place if he was unsure of the answer. If you are considering solar panels I would highly recommend Solar Wholesale. You will need to be able to assemble the kits yourself or have someone who can do it for you. Don’t forget if you are local to them they also do installations. I did receive three quotes from different companies and I saved between  $17,000 – $25,000 doing it myself. Five Stars all the way.”

Candice W.

“Solar Wholesale is a great company with employees that are committed to providing the best customer service.  I was so impressed with how committed our representative was to making sure we had all the information that we needed and that we were taken care of.”

Jordan M.

Jordan M. Solar Wholesale Review

“Installed a 5.89 kW system with their DIY kit. The permitting and inspection process was a breeze thanks to the plan set provided.  Actually installing the panels was a bit more involved than anticipated but very manageable with a hand or two.  They also have great videos on youtube that walk you through the process. Kerry was very quick to respond either through email, text, or phone to help answer any questions i had. Overall very happy with the process and when compared to a couple of quotes I received, I saved $9-$10k doing it myself.”

Trevor K.

“I have sent many many clients to Solar Wholesale & will continue to do so. They are by far the most proactive and customer centric company I’ve worked with in multiple states. I can say as a contractor – working with Solar Wholesale, Doug Hewitt in particular, is a no brainer. They take care of your customers, keep up  great communication with their contractors & make going solar a breeze. I’m mean this sincerely. Thanks guys.”

Bill G.

Bill G. Solar Wholesale Review

“There are huge opportunities in the DIY solar market and these guys are on the leading edge! I worked with Kerry Bray and his team and we were able to put together a system that completely suits my needs and it came in at less than 1/3 the cost of having it installed by a local contractor.  Yes there are some complexities to installing a system, but Solar Wholesale/Next Energy made it easy!  They do all the engineering and provide all the drawings to submit to the local building department and the utility company.

I live in Murray City, which has a reputation for having the strictest inspectors and Murray Power is well known for there “special” regulations.  This company knew all about those and provided me with everything I needed to pass inspection and get online!

Everyone that I worked with was professional, personable and helpful! They even went the extra mile and delivered my panels for free!  (not only that, but they helped us to get them on the roof!)

In full disclosure, I used to be a journeyman electrician, so I was a bit ahead of the curve, but I can attest that someone with little background could have installed this system with the resources that Solar Wholesale/Next Energy provides.  Also the approach of charging by the kilowatt rather than “nickle and dimeing” you for all the parts was super helpful!

If I were to find anything to be critical about it is that they don’t offer a full “turn key” solution as of this time. You still need to source your own service panels, shutoff, and meter bases.  Kerry tells me that in the future they will be offering a one stop solution.

If you are considering adding a grid-tied photovoltaic system to your home or business, call these guys!”

David R.

“I didn’t know much about solar. Isaac was able to help me through the process and was transparent about everything. I had several quotes from other companies and decided to go with them. I am very happy with my decision and they still answer their phone if I have questions, unlike a lot of other sales companies after you buy.

Damir O.

Damir. O Solar Wholesale Review

“I spent over 6 months researching my solar options and contacted several local installers. Some were being dishonest others we telling me that it will take 3 months from the date of the agreement to get my solar system installed and running. I also couldn’t believe the difference in price between the installers for basically the same product.

At the end, I ended up getting my solar system from Solar Wholesale for two reasons. Doug was by far the friendliest and the least pushy sale rep out of the all sales reps I was in contact with. He is also very knowledgably and honest. The second reason was price and installation time. Solar Wholesale had the lowest price and the shortest installation time. It only took 4 weeks for the day I signed the agreement to get permits, install the system and have Rocky Mountain Power change the meter for net metering.”

Robert D.

“I chose SolarWholesale / Next Energy Alliance because they had a local office and offered the lowest overall price I could find. It took them 28 business days from the time I signed the contract until I was generating power. And, the panels were actually installed 13 business days after the contract was signed. I don’t think many companies can beat that short install timeframe. And, did I mention that they were the lowest price I could find in Utah? I am a Utilities Engineer, and I have to admit that I am super-happy with my experience. SolarWholesale added a car charger into the contract for an extremely low price, and they made good on their promise to install it. It was installed on the 14th business day. And, I have been saving money with this great, name-brand, level 2 charger ever since that time. I got 36 panels and a car charger installed for under $30K with a 2 year, same-as-cash finance option (included in the $30K price tag). After tax incentives and such, I should be well under $20K for everything. And, I expect my ROI to be somewhere between 8 and 9 years. My average generation per day in the first week is between $5 and $6 per day (or roughly 66 kWh of total energy generated per day times 9.2 cents per kWh for RMP’s lowest tier rate). So, it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme by any means. But, I expect to save somewhere between $1,500 and $1,800 per year on power. And, that should be good enough to cover my power expenses on a 3,500 sq. ft. home with a big family. With the 30% off in federal tax credits and $1,600 off in Utah State credits at tax time, how can you go wrong? Those credits are going down year over year, so I believe that the time to act is now. Go with SolarWholesale, and I think you are in good hands.”

Andrew S.

Andrew S. Solar Wholesale Review

“Found Solar Wholesale while comparing prices for a full install. Doug was very helpful in convincing me I could do it myself and save over ten thousand dollars! I was able to complete the rooftop install and I decided to hire Teddy for the electrical tie in to the meter, which was money well spent. Happy to report the install is complete and I now produce my own power and charge my car from the sun. Estimated payoff is @ 1 year instead of 12-20!!!!”

Scott R.

Scott R. Solar Wholesale Review

“My high expectations for this project were met and exceeded.

Doug and his install team were fantastic. The arrays are exactly where they should be, no visible racking or conduits in the front. The install of the inverter and shut offs are inconspicuous and conveniently placed in the backyard. They cleaned up after themselves each day, and were a pleasure to have working on the house. Bring on the electrons!”

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