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Going solar can seem a little scary at first! It’s a big investment that you don’t want to end up regretting down the line. You might be shocked at what mistakes you end up making without even knowing it!

Here are the top 3 scariest mistakes anyone can make when going solar.

Paying Too Much

Everyone wants to get the best deal when buying something expensive. After all there are some people that camp out in front of Best Buy when trying to get a deal on a TV, that’s intense! Fortunately you don’t need to go to extremes in order to save on solar. In fact there are a few simple ways to save big on your solar.

  • Buy wholesale
  • Shop around for multiple quotes
  • Do it yourself

According to Energy Sage, “From Utah data, it is shown that the average cost of a solar panel installation ranges from $12,665 to $17,135. On a cost per watt ($/W) basis, a solar panel installation in Utah ranges in price from $2.53 to $3.43.”

At Solar Wholesale our customers pay on average closer to $11,000 dollars for their system with cost per watt closer to an average of $1.70! Keep in mind that many of our customers choose a bigger system due to our incredible prices.

If you’re not careful and don’t do your research you could get fleeced by solar companies that mark up their panels and services. There’s nothing scarier than feeling like you’ve been taken advantage of.

Missing Out on Incentives

Regret is a scary thing. And there’s nothing worse than regretting making a decision too late. If there’s one piece of advice you’ll hear about solar over and over again it’s don’t wait! The sooner you go solar the sooner you can start saving on your power bill.

But that’s not the only thing you’ll regret if you wait too long to pull the trigger. The last year to take advantage of the investment tax credit or ITC is 2021. In 2020 the tax credit can help you save 26% and in 2021 the tax credit will help you save 22%.

Make sure you don’t give yourself a fright by cutting it close to missing out on these savings.

Buying Cheap Panels

Everybody wants to save on their solar but buying cheap panels is the wrong way to go about it. A solar array with good quality solar panels can last 30+ years. They’ll keep producing power helping you save on your electric bill all along the way.

Good quality solar panels will pay for themselves in a few years. This means that any power produced after that is money in your pocket! Not only will good quality panels produce more power for longer they come with warranties’ that can back this up.

Cheap panels can break down quickly and won’t meet their power output potential. In addition cheap panels don’t have the same level of warranty as high-quality panels. Cheap panels can cause a hassle that you don’t want to deal with.

At Solar Wholesale we only sell the highest quality solar panels with a 30 year warranty to back them up! Plus our solar panels are made in the USA so you know you’re getting a quality product.

Contact us today to get a quote and ask us any questions you might have. We can help you avoid all of the scary mistakes lurking around the corner.

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