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As solar panels become more advanced they’re starting to show up everywhere, especially in when it comes to outdoor gadgets and equipment. It’s easy to understand why. Which hobbies take people away from power the most? Camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.

In the past we’ve had to simply go without in order to explore the great unknown but now with modern solar technology we can harness the power of the sun no matter where we are.

Here are 3 outdoor solar gadgets you should check out.

Solar Powered Cellphone Charger

Solar Powered Cellphone Charger

If there’s one thing we’re concerned about keeping powered up at all times in our modern world, it’s our cell phones. From travelling to camping to spending a day at the beach it’s important to keep your phone powered up at all times in case of emergency… or boredom. With solar powered cellphone chargers this has been easier.

There are many different models to choose from, large and small. It really depends on how much power you need, how you plan on using it and your budget. Gear Hungry breaks down their top picks including a few pocket sized options if you’re looking for a small solar boost.

These types of solar gadgets aren’t just for charging your cellphone though. You can use it to charge pretty much any device. Many of these are specifically made for outdoorsmen and women and can included a flashlight and SOS function for emergency situations.

Solar Powered Flashlight

Next up on our list of outdoorsy solar powered gadgets is the solar powered flashlight. When you’re in the middle of nowhere and you realize that the batteries in your flashlight are dead you’ll probably wish you had a solar powered flashlight with you instead.

A solar powered flashlight does take some forethought though. You can’t just stuff it in your pack and forget about it until nightfall or else you’ll be out of luck and out of power. You can also get solar powered camping lanterns as well.

Survival Renewable Energy reviewed 10 solar powered flashlights, you can check out their findings, here.

Solar Powered Backpack

Solar Powered Backpack

A solar backpack is the perfect solution for any adventurer who wants to charge all of their devices on the go! Instead of trying to jury rig a portable solar panel to your backpack a solar backpack already has a solar panel built in with many pockets for you different devices.

There are many different solar bags with different designs, features and price points. Solar backpacks are a great all-in-one option that is totally simplified. With a DIY option you might find yourself worrying if your panels are secure and working properly instead of being able to enjoy your surroundings.

Solar powered backpacks are great for anyone that uses a lot of electronic equipment in the great outdoors. Many outdoor photographers are specifically drawn to these packs because they can keep all their equipment safe and charging while they hike to their destination. Geocachers will appreciate being able to charge their GPS while hunting for treasure!

Adventure Junkies reviewed 8 different solar backpacks, you can check out their findings, here.

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