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We know we already did a blog about DIY solar myths, but we’re already back with part 2! One of our goals as a company is to educate our customers and readers as much as possible about the benefits of solar and installing your own panels with our DIY kits that include everything you’ll need for a simple and successful installation! So we’re breaking down some of the biggest DIY solar myths:

MYTH 1: Your warranties will be void.

All of the equipment we source can be installed by you without voiding the product warranties from the manufacturer. We specifically use panels and other installation equipment with a warranty that does not void if you install the system yourself. 

MYTH 2: It is unsafe.

We provide all of our customers with comprehensive safety instructions to avoid accidents. With the use of safety harnesses, microinverters that use alternating current (AC) instead of direct current (DC), and tips from professional solar installers, we help keep you and your home safe. 

MYTH 3: You need to be an electrician or an engineer.

Solar Wholesale DIY Kit

This couldn’t be further from the truth! We have helped thousands of homeowners with no solar, roofing, electrical, or engineering experience install their own solar.

We strive to make your installation simple by including everything you’ll need to successfully install your own solar energy system. Our DIY kits come with your panels, the necessary mounting hardware, electrical components like wiring and switches, inverters, and all the documents or paperwork you need to go solar. We also include detailed instructions, tutorials, and we even throw in free shipping!

MYTH 4: The time it takes to do DIY Solar does not justify the savings.

It takes our customers an average of 20 hours to install their solar panels. Our competitors’ average installation quote is $10,000 more than our DIY kits. That means our average customer doing a DIY install will be saving about $500 an hour. With the current tax incentives for going solar, our DIY solar customers should see their ROI in less than 5 years.

MYTH 5: You’ll be on your own once you get your kit.

We are not just selling equipment. Our primary goal is to ensure your DIY project is a success. You’ll have a personalized project manager that helps determine all of your solar needs, access to a team of professional electricians & solar installers, and an ever-growing video library with solar resources. 

Why is Solar Wholesale Different? 

Solar Wholesale strives to stand out from the competition but offering DIY kits that are cost-effective and convenient for homeowners. The real bonus though is that our highly-trained team is available to offer support and resources to all of our customers. 

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