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DIY Solar Panel Installation Made Easy

Solar Wholesale’s goal is to empower people to install solar on their homes themselves. One of the options solar wholesale offers for mounting solar panels on your roof is the SnapNrack system.
The SnapNrack installation process is designed to be so simple anyone can do it. In the video above, we list out different components that are a part of the SnapNRack system that you will receive in your DIY kit. We’ll also show you how these parts are implemented and how easy installation can be.

Installation Hardware Explained

In the video above we explain the purpose and how to use each of the following hardware peaces found in your Do It Yourself Solar panel kit:

  • Marking Crayon
  • Mount Flashing
  • L-Foot Bolt

  • Rail Splice 
  • Ground Lug
  • M,L,P,E

  • Mid Clamp
  • End Clamp
Tools that you will need that won’t come in your kit are a drill and ½ inch socket. If these aren’t tools you already own and don’t have a neighbor you can borrow them from, hardware stores often have tool rental programs you can take advantage of.