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Installing and adding solar to your home yourself can be a daunting task. It can be easy to get lost among the details causing your project to stall. That’s why we’ve created a roadmap so you know what to expect from start to finish. When you take DIY solar one step at a time you’ll be done in no time at all!

Request Your Solar Quote

In order to request a solar quote we’ll need a little information from you. Taking the time to do this makes it possible to show you what your solar system will look like and how you can produce your own power. Information like your address, where your solar mount will be and your utility provider will help us give you the best quote possible.

Receive Your Proposal

After you’ve submitted all the necessary information for your solar quote we’ll send you your proposal via email. Your proposal will show you what will be included in your Solar in a Box Kit. You’ll receive the exact cost of your system. At this point you can chat with your Solar Consultant about the specifics for your project.

Purchase Your Plan Set

A Plan Set is required for solar systems to obtain permitting. It is a blueprint for your system and installation. This Plan Set payment will count towards the cost of your Solar in a Box Kit. To fast-track your journey purchase your plan set within 7 days of receiving your proposal.

Submit Your Site Survey

Now that you’ve purchased your Plan Set, you are ready to perform your Site Survey. This is simpler than it sounds. We just need a few pictures for our designers and engineers. Your project manager will send you information about this. Plan on submitting your site survey within 3 days of purchasing your plan set in order to stay on the fast-track.

Approve Your Plan Set

Review your Plan Set with your project manager. They will go over the plan our designers and engineers have crafted to ensure that you understand what will happen with your project. Approve your plan set within 3 days of receiving it for fast-track approval.

Reserve Your Equipment

You are joining thousands of people building their own solar systems. Pay your first installment (approx. 50%) to reserve your equipment so it is ready to ship as soon as you are ready to start putting your solar kit together. All you need to do is is pay your first installment within 7 days of approving your plan set.

Submit for Net Metering & Permits

Permits can take several weeks to be approved. The sooner you can get approval, the sooner we can ship your kit. Get it in so you can get your solar system installed and start saving. Submit to both entities within 3 days of paying your first installment.

Pay Your Final Installment

As soon as this final installment has been paid, you are ready to receive your kit and start your project. Your project manager will discuss shipping logistics and timing with you. Pay your final installment within 20 days from submitting your Net Metering and Permitting.

Install Your Solar System

You are now ready to install your solar system! This can be done on your own but it is also a great time to include family, friends, or neighbors.

Set Up Solar App

Your solar monitoring app will allow you to track the performance of your solar system. Reach out to Technical Support for help setting up your app.